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STRIVE for a healthier you!

From Bootcamp to 1 on 1 private PT sessions done in the outdoors. Also offering nutrition consults to help maximise your results. Finally, you can have fun and get into shape! Click below to claim your FREE session - 

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6 Common Mistakes Made That Bring Fat loss To A Grinding Halt


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If there's one thing about fitness and nutrition that can be frustrating, is the lack of personal attention. You know what it's like when you join a big gym. Once you join, you're left to your own devices. You simply swipe in and swipe out. Sure, you may know the people behind the counter, but when it comes to getting results you either seek help from a Personal Trainer or you're left on your own. And if you lack motivation then reaching your goals is lost.

We believe at S.T.R.I.V.E that you're not just a number. You're not just a person that turns up, does their session and goes home. We want you to be a part of our fitness family. From challenges, to contests, to social events like our Mid Year Awards Night. We really want you to feel welcome. To get the most out of your experience with us. Regardless of your age or your fitness level. It doesn't matter where you are in life. You don't have to be fit to get started with us. The most important thing is to just start! Then you build from where you are, to where you want to be. And you won't be alone. Our regular members are always happy to welcome you into our sessions as well!

Fitness and nutrition doesn't have to be daunting. We'll try our best to help you get the most out of your fitness and nutrition goals. So don't waste another week. Month, or year wondering when or if you'll get started. Why not get in touch with us now and we'll get you up and running in no time!

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