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STRIVE 85 - Our cardio based session. Using HIIT, endurance and timed intervals to get your heart rate up and working at approx 85% of your max heart rate to make sure that you're burning plenty of calories!

STRIVE To Box - Our boxing session utilizing boxing combos as well as elbow, knee and leg strikes for an all over workout ideal after a stressful day!

STRIVE For Strength - Our resistance training session designed to strengthen your muscles, using dumbbells, kettle bells etc. The importance of resistance training is often overlooked. Strength is an ideal goal especially as we age. Not only does it strengthen your muscles, but your bones and tendons as well. 

The Mongrel - It’s a mix of some conditioning, some weights and some boxing work. With a little bit of grit thrown in! 

STRIVE for Variety - A bit of a mix each Saturday. We try to keep it fun. Then coffee! 

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