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Success Stories

Graham - Winner of our first 8 Week Transformation Contest!

"The 8 week challenge has been great, I have learnt that even on holidays it was still possible to maintain a healthy weight loss and eat healthy, plus push myself with plenty of exercise.
For me I put in 100% effort and was totally committed to my goal. The annoying thing for me is I know how to lose weight but I continue to pack on the kilos, then with a challenge like we have just done, bring my weight back under control.
I know it's food that's my problem, the removal of sugar is the biggest change ever, but with the simple plan that we have just followed, I will be able to balance my diet.
The most positive thing is that I'm still not on medication for anything.

I feel stronger than ever, I look forward to my meals now, there is certain foods I miss but I feel disciplined now to resist.

Thank you Simon and all my training friends for your support, I would not continue coming to the sessions if you guys were not there to encourage me."

In 8 short weeks, Graham lost 11kg. He also dropped:

10cm off his waist

5cm off his hips

8cm off his chest

Matt - Winner of our Biggest Loser, losing 13.5% of his bodyweight!


"For me the goal wasn't necessarily to lose X amount of weight for me the challenge was the motivation and begining of a drastic lifestyle change. Ive never been afraid to eat whatever whenever and how much. But i also want to be fit and healthy. Cant really have both. I've had a relatively active life. And always the "i want to get healthy but next week is fine" attitude. Or ill eat well for 3 days in a week then eat some chocolate and drink some whiskey. And its all over. The things ive learnt about myself and a healthy lifestyle is that its not as restricted or hard as people might think. To list the changes would take forever but the main things have been a desire and strong will to workout consistently because i enjoy it not because i feel i "have to". I also have a greater understanding and appreciation that i never really had before this challenge of Hannah McDonalds drive and desire. Feels like we are on the same level now with diet and exercise. None of this could of happened however without your support and guidance Simon . Thank you. And well done everyone"

In 8 short weeks, Matt lost 10.9kg. He also dropped:

10cm off his waist

8.5cm off his hips

4cm off his chest



In 8 short weeks, Rachael lost 13.4kg! She also dropped:

15cm off her waist

8cm off her hips

7cm off her chest

"Before even beginning this challenge I had it in my head that I wouldn't see it through, I would give up because it would just be too hard. I also had doubts due to the fact I was the only one in my house competing in the challenge. It was such a hard time for me to start the challenge as it was the very start of a school year working long hours, no time to prepare meals, or even exercise as much as I used too. But there was never going to be a good time. They were all just excuses. 
Originally if I was told I wasn't allowed to have something it would make me want it so much more. I had no will power!! I couldn't say NO! I have been battling my weight since high school and I knew I had to make a change but I just loved food too much. The wrong foods! 
I went into the challenge with a very small goal in mind as I knew I would be heartbroken when I didn't achieve the goal, just like when I set myself goals in the past I would never achieve them. 


I just couldn't believe it when I reached my original short term goal 2 weeks in. By The end of the first week I was ready to give up and drop out but with Simons constant support and everyone's encouragement I kept going and haven't looked back. I never ever thought I would make it to the end. 

I feel so much stronger, I now have the will power to say no. I have been in many situations over the past 8 weeks where I could have consumed plenty of cakes, hot finger foods and bowls of m&ms but I ignored it all. I have developed a much healthier Mindset.  


I am definitely fitter. I find I can train harder. Loving running a lot more as I can keep up with others (for shorter distances of course). 


I am much lighter and healthier! I never would have though I would loose 12kgs with still one weigh in to go. I feel happier, I have lots more energy and the best part a brand new wardrobe lol. 


It really dawned on me yesterday while I was walking through Woolworths behind an extremely large woman ( much larger than me) I looked in her basket and saw nothing but junk, instant pastas, soft drinks, lollies etc. not one healthy, non processed item in her basket. I thought, omg that could have been me. It made me feel sick and made me think I never want to go back to eating like that again. Yes I can treat myself every now and then but eating copious amounts of fats and carbs was definitely not the right option. I am so proud of everything I have achieved in the past 8 weeks and proud of everyone else's achievements also. It is by far the best thing I have ever done (physically and mentally). It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I haven't missed a lot of the foods I was eating before and now enjoy eating more nutritiously. I will be continuing to use everything I have leant of the past 8 weeks to keep going. I know I have a long way to go yet but I can't wait to see what I can achieve in the future."


In 8 short weeks, Hannah lost 8.1kg! She also dropped:

9cm off her waist

4cm off her hips

5.5cm off her chest

"Throughout these eight weeks, I have learnt some valuable lessons about myself that are far greater than any number on a scale.
I'm an all or nothing type of person. When I set my mind to something, I commit to it wholeheartedly and always try to put 100% into everything I do. For this reason, the idea of an 8 Week Challenge may not have been as daunting for me as it would have for some of the other contestants. 

I've battled with my weight and my body image my whole life, I've had heartbreaking times when I've thought that I could never be happy with myself despite how much weight I lost. I have always seen the 85kgs 15 year old girl in the mirror and that's a mental battle I suffer with daily.

Everyone's journey looks different and throughout this one I have learnt some pretty important things. Stop comparing myself to others and their achievements, accept myself for who I am and what I look like and be proud of my body and what it can do because it is strong and resilient and it's the only body I have. 

I've learnt an abundance of things from Simon over the years, he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and exercise. That aside, his unwavering support and encouragement throughout this challenge has set the precedent for all the amazing results everyone has achieved. I could have never done this alone and for that I think it's important to thank you Simon."


In 8 short weeks, Tess lost 10.3kg! She also dropped:

11cm off her waist

7cm off her hips

6.5cm off her chest

"Its been a really awesome 8 weeks. Thanks Simon for your constant guidance and support.


I can stay on track on a challenge but tend to fall off the wagon afterwards. The challenge for me will be maintaining the weight I am now.


I have lost about 10.3kg and feel really great but need to keep it off. I wish I was more diligent when I was younger so I could enjoy the feeling of being Fit and Well"


In 8 short weeks, Josef lost 11.4kg! He also dropped:

13cm off his waist

6cm off his hips

6cm off his chest 




Well done to you Josef! A fantastic job!

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