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Weekly Workout Challenge

  • Weekly Challenge

    Every month
    Test yourself with our weekly workout challenges!
    • A different workout each week!
    • Each challenge is posted via our closed Facebook page
    • Exclusive access to our closed Facebook page

So. What's involved with the Weekly Workout Challenge?

The idea came from our 8 Week Transformation Contest. Where we added in a weekly workout as an add on for those who signed up. Each week contestants were given a workout challenge to do. We quickly found that people were challenging themselves and doing things in their workouts that they wouldn't normally do. So we thought, why not offer this to not only those who live in our local area. But also across the country as well! You don't even need a gym membership!

Who is this for?

Our Weekly Workout Challenge is for ANYONE! Its a good fit for those looking to challenge themselves from their normal workouts during the week. And it's especially good for those who get bored easily, and just can't think of workouts to do to keep yourself motivated. Motivation can slowly drop off. The Weekly Workout Challenge could be the fitness kick you're looking for!

So how does it work?

Every one who signs up to our challenge will get access to our closed Facebook group page. It's on this page that each workout is posted every Sunday night. Depending on what the workout challenge is that week, you'll get a rundown of how to do each workout. As well as technique advice on how to do each exercise effectively. All you need to do is complete the workout before the following Sunday night. Simple!

And the end of each month for those who manage to complete each challenge. You'll go into the draw to win a prize! Just to sweeten the deal!

Why is it so cheap? What's the catch?

I believe that everyone should have access to fitness programs, regardless of where they'e from. And for the cost of 2 large coffees a month, it's a low cost way of getting your fitness goals kicked into gear. There is no catch. None. Just a monthly subscription fee of $10AUD which you can cancel at any time. And honestly, at only $10 a month, would it really strain your budget?

So what are you waiting for? Click the SIGN UP button above to sign up by email address or Facebook, and challenge yourself!


Hope to see you on our closed Facebook page!

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