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The 8 Week Transformation Contest

is BACK!


Shed those unwanted lockdown kilos & take back control of your health and fitness!












The countdown is on to enter! 

Entries will close midnight 3rd July.




Wanna celebrate our relaunch for 2020 & get into great shape? 

Read on...

In our 8 WEEK TRANSFORMATION Contest, you will go through 2 phases of training and nutrition to help you get the best results possible.


You will be able to eat foods you enjoy, avoid starving yourself and still burn fat! 


The workouts will be quick, efficient, and fun so that you get the biggest bang for your buck and you don’t have to spend countless hours in the gym—or worse yet, on the treadmill! 

In the 8 WEEK TRANSFORMATION Contest, you will get: 


  • Coaching from us to ensure you get the most out of your time during sessions.

  • Results proven nutrition plan and recipes that will make you wonder if you are on a fat loss plan

  • Support and accountability to ensure that you are having success every step of the way

  • And Much, Much More! 

   8 Week Contest Membership -  $40 a week!!*


  • Unlimited Group Training Sessions Each Week for 8 Weeks ($280 Value)

  • Transformation Success Manual ($99 Value)

  • Home and Travel Workouts You Can Do Anywhere ($99 Value) 

  • Our Favourite Fat Loss Recipes ($49 Value)

  • Sample 7 day meal plan ($49 value)

  • Support via our Facebook Accountability Group ($49 Value)

  • Weekly check ins via text to measure your progress each week. Your nutrition plan adusted to keep you progressing if you plateau ($199 Value)

  • **NEW**!! - Weekly workout challenges to do at home! With a new workout uploaded to the closed Facebook page every Sunday night!

  • **NEW**!! - Full access to our STRIVE Zoom Room. All prerecorded virtual sessions are posted up for those who miss their sessions or are travelling for work and can't make it to the park to train.



PLUS, you could get 3 months worth of training for FREE!


That’s right! You can get amazing results AND have the chance to win 3 months of training with us at STRIVE for free!


We will be closing the doors to this contest at Midnight 3rd July. So, hurry and register today! 

The individual with the best overall transformation at the end of the 8 weeks will win FREE training! 


The winner will be selected not only based on their weight lost but on the total transformation they make which includes before and after pictures, as well as what sort of lifestyle change they've made . The S.T.R.I.V.E Fitness & Nutrition Team will vote for the winning participant at the end of the contest and announce the winner. 




Registration Closes at Midnight 3rd July 2020 

Contest starts 13th July 2020

Q & A:

Who IS the 8 Week Transformation Contest for? - 

  • People who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and don't like what they see in the mirror anymore.

  • People who aren't willing to settle for their current state, and the negative impact it's having on their quality of life.

  • People who are ready to take ACTION to gain control of their body (and life) once and for all by investing in themselves.

Who ISN'T the 8 Week Transformation Contest for? - 

  • People who are scared of change. Those who are full of excuses. Who don't really want to change their lifestyle for the better.


  • People who CAN'T commit. Who aren't willing to sacrifice a short term plan to reap the benefits of it in the long term. 

  • People who are delusional. You can't have an excessive lifestyle AND the body of your dreams. (But you can find YOUR happy medium) 

  • People who would rather waste their entry fee and not do any of the work required to see results. 

Kick Off Seminar:

One week before the Contest starts, we'll be holding a Kick Off Seminar on the 4th July at 2pm. At this seminar, we will run you through what's involved with the transformation and what you will have to do from your end. You'll recieve handouts that will help you with the nutritional setup you'll be given. We will also be taking before pics, as well as measurements. Along with answering any questions that you may have.


The seminar will go for 1-2 hours depending on the amount of people we will have doing the contest. So please allow for this. And it'll be a great way to meet others who willl be joining you on their own transformation!

Kick Off Seminar: 4th July

Start Time - 2pm 

Venue - At our home. Address will be supplied once people sign up to the contest.

P.S. - You can’t get this 8-week program with any other gym or fitness group. There are some good programs out there, but NONE of them provide you with all the components to shed fat FAST and keep it off. 


P.S.S – These workouts and this nutrition program are the keys to your long-term success. It is time that you took charge of your life and got the body you have always wanted. In just 8 weeks you could be turning heads and having everyone wonder what YOUR secret is…AND win FREE training! 


For As Little As $40 a week, You Can Be On Your Way To Having The Body You can Be Proud Of!

* Your first payment will be processed via PayPal. This first $40 payment secures your spot in the contest.*

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